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Extruded profiles

Pultruded profiles according to EN 13706-1 are strengthened transversely with fibreglass mats depending on the requirements. The longitudinal forces are absorbed in the glass fibres which are arranged in the core. In order to give even better surface protection, additional nonwoven fleece material can be added to the profiles. 

By default we use a polyester resin as a multi-function resin. Of course we also offer other types of resins that improve the corrosion resistance, temperature resistance or the electrical properties. Flammability or smoke emissions can also be reduced by the choice of resin. The composition of the profile depends on your material requirements. 

A wide range of tools enables us to manufacture equilateral and non-equilateral L-profiles, U-profiles, square and rectangular tubes and round rods and round tubes in a wide range of dimensions.

Ask about our standard dimensions. Our team would be pleased to help.

Extruded profiles can be assembled and processed in our workshops according to your specifications.


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