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Using a combination of different carrier resin systems, it has been possible to develop innovative material qualities in the field of thermosets, which depending on the application and technical requirements enable it to live up to its claim to be a construction material with a future. 

Novotex, GPO-3, Vetronit, Resitex, Carta-M, Umabord, Ferrozell, Celeron, Tufnol, Etronax ... are all specific product names. 

We carry a wide range of standard grades  in stock in accordance with EN 60893 / EN 61212 / DIN 7735 and can deliver special types on request. 

Our team would be pleased to assist you select the appropriate material for your needs. 


   Talk to us if you need technical data sheets. We are happy to help!

   Download: Technical Material Data (German version)



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