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About thermosets...

Thermosets - also known as laminated materials - are among the first industrially produced plastics and have been successfully used since the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to their outstanding electrically insulating and mechanical properties. 

The original type designations - Resitex and Novotex for laminated paper and cotton laminates - are regarded as the forerunners of the wide range of different thermosets that have been developed and are available today. 

Using a combination of different carrier resin systems, it has been possible to develop innovative material qualities, which depending on the application and technical requirements enable it to live up to its claim to be a construction material with a future. 

In addition to the  properties that have already been mentioned  - electrical insulation and excellent mechanical properties - can be added weathering resistance, chemical stability, breaking strength, heat resistance and a high thermomechanical strength - all combined with a very low specific gravity. These are impressive parameters enabling thermosets to be used in a variety of industries. 

... competence in composites ISO 9001:2015