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Vision and Mission


Our Vision

It is our intention to be the ‘best’, and get to know the needs of our customers and fulfil those needs to the best of our ability. The high claims we make for our quality not only refer to our products, but also for our services.

Our Mission

With our comprehensive and innovative finishing possibilities and services’ provisions, we not only offer highly efficient problem solutions for the processing of synthetic materials, but also address current and future challenges.

Our performance: we support the success of our customers

Our entire effort and our commitment are entirely addressed to enhance the growth and productivity of our customers. Because we know that only when our customers experience success, then the success is ours as well.

Our commitment and dedication – we take the needs of our customers seriously

The fruit of our success and the knowledge that we are the leaders in a niche market also mean for us  that we must continuously scrutinise the fruits of our labours in order to live up to the demands and the expectations of our customers, workforce and, business partners, and to fulfil these to the most.

Our aim is the ongoing improvement and the onward development of our finishing techniques and services.

And our reliability is – we hold on to what we promise

Our word is our bond - that is one of our more important principles – and we give this word daily to our customers, our workforce, and our business partners.

By keeping to our promises for the quality of our products and the reliability of our services, we make an important contribution to the reputation of our business on the international market.

Our Team Spirit - partnership is no alien concept for our company

Our customers, our suppliers and our distributors and sales partners are the players in our team. The game is being able to recognise trends early on and to implement and address our reactions to these as rapidly as possible. It is our common aim always to be a step in front of the competition, in order to be able to offer our clientele a maximum of efficiency.

... competence in composites ISO 9001:2015