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An idea becomes reality ...











Had someone told us a few years ago where WeButex would be today, we would never have believed them.

After a long and exciting period working in technical sales and processing of laminated materials, we had often asked ourselves whether we could do better, bringing together seemingly conflicting factors such as a submitting proposals at short notice, reliable delivery dates, an awareness of quality , service and market-driven quotations.

When we founded WeButex Kunststoffbearbeitung GmbH in 2008, it seemed to us as if we had climbed aboard an express train and travelled into the wide blue yonder, without knowing exactly where we would end up with our ideas. 

All we knew was that we would remain true to our values- at any cost!

Every day the goal for us and our team is to deliver the best for our customers. This has become the basis of everything we do, and is confirmed by the sustainability and success of WeButex today. 


Wolfgang Wese & Matthias Butz


... competence in composites ISO 9001:2015