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Pressboard - one material, numerous possibilities


The range of services offered by WeButex includes the processing of sheet and roll pressboard.

In the production of sheet pressboard, a fiber fleece is wound onto a format roller in multiple layers and thus cauterized. Once the desired number of layers or thickness has been achieved, the "wrap" is cut and the resulting raw pressboard is transported to a high-performance press, which ensures good wet compaction and dewatering.

Roll pressboard is produced by first placing a prepared base stock on several rotary screens of a paper machine, arranged one behind the other, and cauterizing it by filtration to form a wet, multilayer fiber web.

The fiber structure is then mechanically dewatered, dried, smoothed and compacted between the rolls of supercalenders.

Due to the numerous processing possibilities such as drilling, filing, milling, sawing and punching, pressboard is suitable for many applications, for example for the insulation of transformers, chokes and capacitors.


We will be happy to advise you on our possibilities in the field of processing pressboard according to your specifications and prepare a quotation for you.


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