WeButex products can be found in a variety of industries.

Our customers include ABB, AREVA, Bombardier and Siemens together with many other international companies and trading firms that are market leaders in their particular industries.

Our custom made products are used throughout the world and act as references to demonstrate our guiding principles.

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Owing to their excellent mechanical properties in combination with a low specific gravity, thermosets are ideal as a construction material in machinery and are being increasingly used as substitutes for thermoplastic and metallic materials.

We produce discs, washers, spacers, cover and contact plates, equipment covers, height spacers, threaded rods, caps, support pads and a variety of components to order, made in accordance with your drawing specifications

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Power Engineering

The main fields of application for components made of thermosets are in electrical insulating technology and the electrical industry with applications in power generation, power distribution and drive technology.

Important sales markets for components made of laminated materials with electrical insulating characteristics are wind and water power, solar technology and the manufacture of generators and transformers.

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Medical technology

In the field of medical technology, we manufacture components for use in MRT and MRI, patient couches and mounts and pads for holding body parts during surgery.

We also offer exclusive premium quality round bars, types PF CC 41 EN 61212 or HGW 2089.5 DIN 7735, for medical handles and surgical instruments which have proven successful in medical applications thanks to their specially fine woven structure in conjunction with special resin components.

Melamine paper phenolic laminate is used for the headboards and footboards of hospital beds.

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Further applications

In addition to the electrical industry, medical technology and mechanical engineering, we supply structural components for applications in:

  • Valve and instrument manufacture
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Chemistry
  • Vehicle construction
  • Pump manufacture
  • Transport technology
  • Aerospace
  • Traffic engineering
  • Architecture
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