Component production

Our machinery includes a variety of conventional and CNC milling and turning machines, as well as various special devices.

Our machining capabilities range from the manufacture of prototypes and individual parts  through to large-scale production and complete series of components.

Our team of professionals focuses on materials science and innovative process technology in the machining of laminated materials.

We guarantee to manufacture components according to our customers’ specific needs.

We are happy to help!
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CNC machining

Highly specialised CNC machining centres using the latest technology ensure precision and an accuracy of fit for components that meet all your needs.

We work with driven tools in our CNC turning technology.

CNC milling technology is at the heart of our manufacturing facilities.

We have a wide range of CNC machining centres and can mill simultaneously using 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis methods.


We support you with the quality-based project management quality-based project management from the initial inquiry to prototyping and right through to series production.

The creation of comprehensive initial sample inspection reports and the supply of test certificates according to DIN EN ISO 10204 are common parameters in our work, and form a part of our business activities.

Series production

Structured and transparent workflows guarantee a trouble-free, quality oriented completion of your requirements.

Our generous finished parts stores mean that we can stock the agreed contract volumes so that you can be supplied on a just-in-time call-off basis.

Quality from master craftsmen – one of our strengths!

Quality from the hands of masters…

Our processing possibilities are versatile and range from the production of prototypes and single components to the completion of large production runs as well as to complete production series.

We deliver semi-finished products in the form of panels, tubes and rods as well as pre-cut and pre-fabricated components made according to customer specifications.

Highly-specialized CNC processing centers set up according to the latest standards of technology guarantee precision and fitting accuracy of all types of construction components.

Our company places emphasis on our excellent knowledge of material sciences and our innovative process engineering in the processing of laminated materials.