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Our processing possibilities are versatile and range from the production of prototypes and single components to the completion of large production runs as well as to complete production series.

We deliver semi-finished products in the form of panels, tubes and rods as well as pre-cut and pre-fabricated components made according to customer specifications.

Highly-specialized CNC processing centers set up according to the latest standards of technology guarantee precision and fitting accuracy of all types of construction components.

Our company places emphasis on our excellent knowledge of material sciences and our innovative process engineering in the processing of laminated materials.

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Cylindrical grinding

Round rods are ground out of sheet material, tubes and wound solid rods using a centreless cylindrical grinding process, with diameters ranging from 2 to 65 mm. This guarantees a perfect fit on the outside diameter of +/- 0.2 mm which can be made with even +/- 0,01 mm for specified orders.

Our two centreless grinding machines are used to produce large batch sizes at short notice.

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Wide belt grinding

Entire panels and pre-cut parts are ground to tight tolerances and uniform thicknesses by grinding using two wide abrasive belts.

Different grades of abrasive are used to achieve different surface roughnesses, depending on the requirements of the application and customer specifications.

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An extensive range of state of the art conventional and CNC milling machines means that we can perform a wide range of machining work on components that meet our customers’ requirements.

Our machinists are all specialists in their chosen area. They program, set up and operate several 3-, 4- and 5-axis simultaneous control machining centres. Their passion is to be absolutely sure that the components will fit accurately and are precisely made, whilst taking account of costs and optimising the running time.

We mill orders  for single items as well as large batches, flexibly and cost-effectively.

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Slot wedge production

We specialise in the production of slot wedges out of panels and pultruded profiles.
By constructing a slot wedge milling machine we are able to offer a wide range of slot wedges for short-term repair orders and series requirements.
We are able to offer you electrical insulating or magnetic slot wedges out of thermosets.
Using special equipment, we produce versions in rectangular, semi-circular, trapezial and double trapezial form.
Depending on the customer application, these can also be provided with air slots and single chamfers.

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We have numerous conventional and CNC-controlled machine tools for turning.

Our CNC lathes are equipped with driven tools and bar feeders.

We can machine orders from single items to mass production.

The production of threaded rods is an important part of what we do.


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Our staff in the cutting department produce finished pre-cut parts from panels and process tubes, rods and profiles.

We have two CNC panel saws and several final trimming saws.

Our aim to complete your order within 24 hours.

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Our professionals in the scheduling department program complex parts using CAD-CAM and simulate production processes to establish the exact runtimes.

Our design service aims to optimise the component for individual applications.

We create production drawings based on the samples provided and work with all the common interfaces for data transfer.

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We supply thermoset stampings according to your drawing specifications or samples.

Our service includes the punching of tapes and strips on simple eccentric presses, speed punching presses and CNC punching machines.

Here, our priorities are to obtain “the best quality at a favourable price”.

The selection and manufacture of the punches required, the release procedure, the dressing of the punched parts and batch size specific packaging are all part of the full service we provide.

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Our varnish work ranges from sealing the cut edges to reduce the moisture absorption right through to varnishing the surface and industrial painting.

With our coating and varnishing technology, we aim to produce perfect results whether a single part or mass production. Wherever automation has reached its limits, we make sure that we obtain the best results with specialist manual methods, even today.

This all leads to the component being either exceptionally wear-resistant, stain-resistant, low friction, corrosion or even chemically resistant or simply visually appealing.

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Assembly / Finishing

In addition to inserting ENSAT and HELICOIL parts, we can bond and screw individual components together. Customer-supplied components can be integrated into the assembly process.

Our service also includes individual identification of the components produced by means of marking, labelling or engraving.

We give your product the final touch by fettling and cleaning the components.

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WJC – Water Jet Cutting – Hydrodynamic Machining

The 3-D water jet cutting techniques, or hydrodynamic machining processes, round off our processing technologies. We are going down new avenues and can enable our customers to obtain an even better range of services, all from the same supplier.

Our engineering competences in the machining and cutting of synthetic materials, as well as our highly modern plant and machinery, enable us to combine productivity, competitiveness, and quality.

Our processing centre for 3-D water jet cutting processing methods to the latest state-of-the-art of technology, can finish complex flat parts and components of practically all types of material, direct from the CAD technical drawings provided, or in accordance with a corresponding file format, which we shall be glad to produce for the benefit of our customers.

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Surface blasting

Surface treatment of thermosetting plastics using glass bead blasting or sand-blasting offers various benefits, including the following:

• optimal preparation for later painting or gluing of the component
• improvement in the adhesion of resins
• cleaning of residues in components which are in use

Modern extraction systems and an environmentally friendly method of processing the blasting material are key parameters in ensuring that we meet our requirements in terms of environmental protection.

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Quality control

he latest measuring and test equipment ensure that the specific requirements of demanding industries are met.

We support you with the quality-based project management from initial inquiry, through the release procedure right through to series production.

You will find optimised single solutions for your individual measurement and inspection requirements, using our testing facilities for development, production and quality assurance.

Our services for industrial metrology include the creation of prototype test reports, serial measurements and materials testing. Here we can carry out porosity analyses, water absorption tests and  surface roughness measurements.

Starting with 2D and 3D coordinate measuring technology and working through to non-destructive 3D component measurement using computed tomography, we are able to shed some light on the material with spot-on results.

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