Semi-finished products

We supply semi-finished products in the form of panels and pre-cut parts, tubes, rods and extruded profiles.

Our well-asorted stock includes a wide range of common carrier resin components according to EN 60893 / EN 61212 and DIN 7735.

Special qualities and the development of application-specific materials are also available.

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Panels + pre-cut parts

Our stock of semi-finished thermoset products is one of the largest in Europe.

Several hundred tonnes of material in a variety of qualities ensure  that we can cover your short-term needs, even for larger production runs.

Pre-cut parts can be quoted for, sawn and shipped within 24 hours.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer for the production of components according to your drawing specifications.


Our extensive stock of mandrels for the production of round tubes means that we can wind more than one thousand diffrent internal diameters in the range 2 to 2000 mm.

The availability of multiple mandrels of the same diameter guarantees short delivery times, even for larger requirements.

We supply tubes in all grades in accordance with EN 61212 DIN 7735 from a batch size of 1 piece upwards.

We would be pleased to make you an individual offer for further processing steps.

Round rods

We carry wound round solid rods made from phenolic cotton fabric with diameters ranging from 5 to 200 mm. The standard length is about 1000 mm.

The coreless wound rods are hydraulically pressed and compacted by pressure and heat.

In addition an industrial quality that has its main applications in engineering and low voltage technology, we also offer an exclusive premium quality. This is characterised by a particularly fine woven structure combined with special resin components and has proven its worth in medical applications and high-precision turned parts.

Our centerless cylindrical grinding process guarantees prefectly fitting tolerances in diameters ranging from 1.5 to 60 mm and allows us to produce round rods from sheet material.

Extruded profiles

Pultruded profiles according to EN 13706-1 are strengthened transversely with fibreglass mats depending on the requirements. The longitudinal forces are absorbed in the glass fibres which are arranged in the core. In order to give even better surface protection, additional nonwoven fleece material can be added to the profiles.

By default we use a polyester resin as a multi-function resin. Of course we also offer other types of resins that improve the corrosion resistance, temperature resistance or the electrical properties. Flammability or smoke emissions can also be reduced by the choice of resin. The composition of the profile depends on your material requirements.

A wide range of tools enables us to manufacture equilateral and non-equilateral L-profiles, U-profiles, square and rectangular tubes and round rods and round tubes in a wide range of dimensions.

Ask about our standard dimensions. Our team would be pleased to help.

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