Polyester resin laminates

For the production of polyester resin laminates, glass mats are impregnated with unsaturated polyester resins to form a base material, and these are then laminated at high pressure and temperature.

Polyester resin laminates are available in the form of panels and tubes.

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Produkte aus Polyesterharz

Panels EN 60893-3-4 | DIN 7735

UP GM 203 | HM 2471

3953-UP 3 (GB) | 153-Vm P2e (FR)
S-UP GM 3 (CH) | GPO 3 (US)

HM 2472

3953-UP 4 (GB) | 153-Vm P3e (FR) S-UP GM 4 (CH)

UP GM 204

UP GM 205 | HM 2472 R

Extruded profiles EN-13706-1

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  • excellent electrical insulation
  • CTI tracking resistance 600
  • heat resistant up to 150 °C


  • high-voltage technology
  • switchgear manufacturing
  • traffic engineering