MKHP DIN 7735 melamine paper phenolic laminate

In order to produce melamine paper phenolic laminate, paper webs are impregnated as substrates with phenol resin and afterwards laminated under high pressure and temperature with layers of melamine.

Characteristics of this material are humidity resistance, high non-inflammability, weather-resistance, high tracking-resistance, high mechanical quality and electrical properties adequate for low and medium voltages.

We have a good organized stock of panels in color RAL 7035, light-grey in thicknesses from 1,5 mm to 30 mm.

Components of MKHP are used in the switchgear construction, in the medical technology for example for hospital furniture, in the field of laboratory- and sports set-ups, as front paneling and as mounting plates.


We are specialized in processing of MKHP according to customer specifications.

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