Waterjet cutting

Our machining capabilities in the area of 3D waterjet cutting round out our range of CNC turning and CNC milling services.

We are breaking new ground and enabling our customers to access an even broader range of services from our company.

Our expertise in machining thermosets and our state-of-the-art machinery allow us to combine productivity, competitiveness, and quality.

Our two waterjet cutting machines, each of which has two 2D heads, enable us to produce complex specialized parts from almost any material directly from existing CAD drawings or a corresponding file format, which we are also happy to create for you.

With our machines we can process semi-finished products with a maximum size of 3000 mm x 2000 mm and a thickness of up to approx. 120 mm.

Optimal nesting of the components allows efficient utilization of the material to be processed.

Our company focuses on the processing of thermoset plastics, so-called laminates.

In the field of waterjet cutting, we also offer you the possibility of contract machining of the material you provide.

Our team will be happy to hear your requests and needs and answer your questions.

Waterjet Cutting